"The Refugees have something special. They can perform those harmonies that Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young could not nail at Woodstock. They can pick their guitars. Hell, Deborah even played an accordion, Cidny a mandolin. And the material resonates"
-- Bob Lefsetz, the Lefsetz Letter

"The Refugees offer up a terrific combination of engaging, passionate, and poetic songwriting, high-caliber musicianship, and gorgeous vocals. The combined musical pedigree of Cidny Bullens, Deborah Holland, and Wendy Waldman is unparalleled. Don't even think about missing an opportunity to catch them in concert."
- Anil Prasad from Innerviews, Guitar Player and Bass Player

"Like the name implies, The Refugees have seen a lot and survived... Listen to the disc and you'll know how- through raw talent!"
-- Rob Reinhart, Producer of Acoustic Café

"The Refugees have a spirt and light that captures your attention right from the downbeat until they've left the building. These are not just 3 very talented artists, they are great entertainers"
-- Sleepy John Sandidge, KPIG Radio

"Heavenly harmonies – Celestial singing. Sounds of stars in the making, with your songs as safe haven. Terrific."
-- the late Michael Nesmith. Owner of Videoranch, formerly of The Monkees